Established in 2015, the BAM Agency was created to help emerging businesses and organizations get noticed. We work great with budgets of any size, delivering quality products and services that will position your company as a contender in your market. We believe that the only difference between you and major corporations and larger companies is advertising. We will help you grow and as you do, we will be right there with you every step of the way.

Meet Sherrell Byrd

Sherrell Byrd brings over 2 decades of expertise in marketing, event planning, nonprofit management and business development to create the ideal company to serve you. Having worked at all levels, from municipalities to higher education to nonprofits, she has established herself as an expert in her field. Her multiple talents enable her to move from sector to sector with ease. She is able to speak the language of many industries and can articulate your message to your target customer in a way that yields results. Sherrell is a graduate of Georgia State University and a native of Albany, Georgia.

Our Clients

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“You have FABULOUS skills! Everyone loves the design. Thank you, you are AWESOME!”

Shane B.

“Thank you! You came to us just in time. We appreciate all of your help!”

Kathy S.

Sherrell, such a great event and team. Thank you and your team for being so patient and professional.”

Cuevas S.

“I want to thank you for everything during the short time you provided us with outstanding PIO assistance. I know we will not be able to maintain the level of expertise or response we have become accustomed to from you. I hope you have much success and stay in touch with all of us here in Dougherty County/City of Albany Government.”

Ron R.

“I would like to say that it was a pleasure working alongside you. You are an inspiration and a hard-working leader. Thanks for the opportunity.”

Phyllis W.

“Just briefly wanted to say thanks for making my project a success. I am so appreciative of what you do professionally for your customers. You are so inspiring and such a positive support to me and my book. Thanks for all that you do!”

Odell R.

“It was WONDERFUL to work with you! Thank you so much for all of your help while we were reporting down there – everyone in Atlanta appreciated your hard work!”

Kaitlyn R.

“I have one word…BAMMMM! lol. You knocked it out of the park. Way to create! I love it. Thank you for sharing your expertise and gift.”


Logo Design

Having the right logo is vital to the success of a new or existing business. We create logos that are clean, crisp and professional while telling who you and in a way that sets you apart from your competitors.We like to have fun with colors, shapes, and verbiage to create a slogan to accompany your stunning logo.

Promotional Design

We specialize in graphic design both for print and digital mediums. We create award-winning ads for print marketing, flyers, and postcards for distribution or mailing. We will help you get noticed without breaking your budget. With the BAM Agency, you do not have to pay a million bucks to look like a million bucks!

Nonprofit Management

Do you have an idea for changing the world or making a social impact and you have no idea where to start? Let us help guide you through the process of starting your nonprofit organization. From filing all of the federal and state filings to getting you “grant ready”, to putting together a winning board of directors to helping you create a fund development and marketing plan, the BAM Agency will help you launch your new nonprofit or strengthen your existing nonprofit so that you can put on your cape and save the world!

Business Development

We understand that marketing is essential for a new or existing business, but there is no straight line to business success. Our team is ready to help you with strategic planning, creating a marketing plan, identifying your target market, driving sales to your target audience, creating a SWOT analysis and helping you create a plan for sustainability for years to come. We see pitfalls that you may not and help you chart a course for success.

Event Design and Management

We love planning a great party and we are pretty good at it too! We have a vast portfolio of events that we have successfully designed and managed! Private events, charity events, corporate events, launch events, concerts, festivals, art events, business showcases, conference, lectures, forums, holiday events and more. Whatever your mind can conceive, we can create. We will guide you every step of the way, from ideation to conception, let us create an experience that you and your guests will never forget.


Talent Management

We are happy to represent the best emerging artists America has to offer. We know they are great; it’s time you knew it too. We help emerging artists from authors to musical artists to inspirational speakers to poets and more get noticed not just nationally but worldwide. If you are interested in being represented by BAM, hire us. Or if you would like to feature one of these amazingly talented people at your next event, contact us!


Disaster Relief Communication

We pride ourselves on delivering important, lifesaving content in a way that is efficient and time sensitive. Having worked with organizations and municipalities to provide disaster relief communication, we played a vital role in getting information out to the communities quickly and across a broad range of communication methods to keep entire communities safe both before, during and after disasters.

When you need to deliver disaster relief content to local, regional, state and local press, political delegations, and communities, we are the ones you want in your Emergency Operations Center. Our experience saves lives and helps cities navigate the recovery process.

Public Relations

Working with the press can be a daunting task. Let us help you GET NOTICED and tell your story in a way that makes any media outlet bring an army of paparazzi your way! We have managed full-scale press conferences, executed media blitzes, orchestrated news interviews and handled press and media for full-scale events. Do you have a story that you believe is a big deal and deserves major headlines? Let the BAM Agency craft your story while you smile for the cameras!

Advertising Consulting

We can help you tell the unique story of your business so that customers are attracted to your products and services. Navigating the world of advertising can be daunting. Knowing who to spend with, how much to spend and how to know if you are getting a return on your investment can be a lot to think about.Who has time for that? We have worked extensively with advertisers of all platforms, including digital, print, radio, television, billboards; you name it, we have done it! We will help you identify your target customer, analyze their spending and shopping habits and help you place your message in front of them in a way that helps you GET NOTICED above the rest!

Ad Design and Placement

We are your graphic design and content specialists! Are you still using clip art as your advertising? Are you only using word of mouth advertising and are looking for a better and more professional way to advertise your business? We understand how vital it is that you are on the right advertising platform for the right price. Give us your budget and we will help you allocate your dollars to help you get the best bang for your buck and yield new customers for your business.

Press Release and Content Development

We love writing press releases and helping you develop content for your website, brochures or commercials. We work great with your web developers or communications team, helping you craft the right message that reflects who you are and what you are trying to convey to the reader. We have delivered quality content to hundreds of outlets, from major newspapers to magazines and blogs. We also can help edit your existing content and serve as an extra pair of eyes to ensure that your project is error free and relatable to your target audience.

Press Kit Design

Let us create a winning press kit for you, the author, inspirational speaker, artist, musician, actor, etc. who are looking to get noticed by the press. Our BAM Artists can customize a unique press kit that fits your style and reflects who you are and what you wish to convey. Also, ask us about custom graphics resumes for your career needs and capability statements for your business or nonprofit.


Cause Marketing

Are you a nonprofit who could use some help telling your story? The best way to gain new donors and retain existing donors is to tell a great story. We can help you put together a great cause statement that keeps your volunteers and donors motivated to give and help attract others to your cause.

Corporate Diversity Marketing

In an era where cultural insensitivity can mean the loss of millions of dollars for businesses and corporations, we are here to help you navigate the often confusing territory of relating your message to diverse audiences. Let us guide you and help you deliver your message about your product or service and be a sounding board for your marketing campaign to whatever your target audience. We are your diversity and inclusion experts!

Social Media Marketing

We have what it takes to drive social media marketing. We have built custom social media campaigns that always gain winning results. Our team can help you select the best social media platform that will complement your business and drive sales. We provide analytics, custom ad and post design, and more to help you boost your visibility exponentially in the world of social media.

Political Campaign Marketing

If you are running for political office and are in need of someone who can help you reach your potential voters in the most innovative of ways, we are your marketing team! We will help you stand out above your competition and help you maximize your impact while staying within budget. We can drive donors to support your campaign and get people to the polls. We utilize a variety of methods, from social media to paraphernalia (t-shirts, water bottles, hats, bracelets, etc.) and print materials (flyers, door hangers, yard signs, postcards) to get the maximum exposure for your campaign. Let us design a winning campaign for you!

Sponsorship and Event Marketing

Are you planning a concert series, festival, charity event or fundraiser and need help getting sponsors for your event? We can create a sponsorship package that fits your event and offers what corporate sponsors are looking to get a return on their investment in your event.We have raised thousands of dollars for our client’s events and can do the same for you. Let’s set your funding goals and watch us exceed your expectations!

Hire us to be your marketing department!

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